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With the advent of LCD television market which continues to grow impressively, it is advisable to collect all available information on the leading models in the market before purchasing a new TV. In the less than 36 inch TV market, Sony has an enviable reputation and has been successful with satisfied customers ranking them number one in national consumer survey. So if one is actively considering buying a less than large screen television (between 20 and 36-inches), Sony LCD TV is one name that is not to be missed.

Sony with a long reputation has a renowned name in the television market as well as in the LCD market. Sony was also the first to venture into the big screen plasma market. When a 60-inch Sony LCD TV was introduced in the market for the first time, it broke the myth that LCD technology could not compete with the larger screen plasma units. With the availability of variety of models of LCD TV monitors in the market it has become increasingly difficult to distinguish all these from their plasma rivals.

The features of Sony LCD TV Bravia line, in 40-inch, 46-inch and 52-inch models need a special mention. The brightness of the picture, the high quality sound without external speakers attached, and above all it’s user friendly technology are rated very highly not only by technical experts but also by the proud owners.

The different uses of Monitors other than Television Viewing

As there are varied sizes of the monitors, they can be used for not only television viewing, but also for video game playing, or for connecting to computers. The speed of the light emitting diodes gives more continuity and quality than the old cathode ray tube technology and also matches the quality of plasma.

The light weight Sony LCD can adorn the family room or a bedroom by hanging them on stationary or adjustable brackets on the wall. Sony electronics has been synonymous with reliability which is also reflected in the customer satisfaction survey ratings of its LCD TV range.

Though its not advisable to frequently move any LCD TV, Sony LCD TV,sony lcd fernseher with its ease of handling attributable to its relative light weight is portable even when compared to the conventional cathode ray tube TV. Further, due to its wall hanging feature, it gives more flexibility to interior decoration too.
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